Sajo's "R" Litter 4 week old pics are up! See them here!

Sajo's "P" Litter
The P's were born March 5, 1999, and were to be the only litter born to Ch. Sajo's One Track Mind.


Fuji, a Male, is in Miami with Douglas and Dayana Peck and their new baby! We get photos every so often, by email.


Power Play

This young male had personality plus attitude, but he's leading the life of Riley as chief house dog.



This boy is coming along, and has seen a bit of ring-time. May see more, may not!



Female; makes her home in Miami.



Sajo's Practical Magic

This girl looks a lot like her niece, Shira. Witch earned her first points in November, 2000.

Sajo's Painted Lady
aka "Hooker"

What else would you call a painted lady?? Watch for her on the Florida someday when I get over being retired and lazy! Hooker surprised us with an unexpected season followed by an unexpected litter on February 16, 2000. See older pictures of Hooker on the Girls page.

Sajo's Q Litter

An unexpected surprise in number and quality, our "Q" litter is 3/4 inbred domestic lines, and 1/4 import. We hope that, indeed, these pups represent both a revolution and the freedom that connotes--a revolution in type, and the freedom to breed Akitas, whatever their type, to fit our own dreams!

Quiet Revolution

"Freedom" male

Now at home with Shawn, Rita, and Sarah Roberts in Virginia.



Quiet Defiance


Makes her home with Lisa Casey


Quiet Victory


Shira stayed at Sajo, and began her show experience at 8 months.

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