The Story of Sajo Akitas

Once upon a time, a six year old traveling across the United States with her family insisted on a copy of "Dog World" instead of a comic book like the other kids in the car. The year was 1954, the girl was me, and that issue of "Dog World" had a picture of Kongo-Go (at right). So began a love affair that has lasted nearly 50 years.

After that trip from Florida to California, I knew I would have Akitas - I just didn't know how long it would be before that dream was realized. Once I was on my own, I went to every dog show I could get to, got "into" Wire Haired Fox Terriers, and waited for the Akita to be granted full AKC recognition. That happened in 1972, and I bought my first Akita, Onna's Manifest Destiny, in November of that year. Her breeder was Maggie Bryant, and she was sired by Ch. Tusko's Kabuki out of Akita Tani's Sumiko. I called her Toshi.

A beautiful puppy, Toshi grew into a wonderful lady with severe skin problems. Looking back, I sometimes wonder whether she had SA. Many Akitas at that time had problems related to reproduction, and Toshi wasn't left out. I never succeeded in getting her bred, which is probably just as well. I sent her to Terry Wright (Lijo) in Laurel, MD, to be bred to her sire's brother Ch. Sakusaku's Tom Cat-go, and eventually bought 4th pick of a litter of 4 males from Terry. I thought my luck might improve if I had my own male, and it DID, but not in the way I intended.

Toshi (Onna's Manifest Destiny) graduates from Obedience School

Ch. Lijo's Quiet Thunder was from Terry's "Q" litter, and was deemed least likely of the four to have a successful show career. He was the only one to finish, and he finished owner handled by me!! It was my first foray into the ring, and Thunder was the ideal dog to foray with. He was a big, chunky mahogany with feet that looked like hamburger buns! Thunder lived to be 13, and was a delight his entire life. I don't believe he ever fought another dog, and he was 'Big Daddy' to my cats. What he wasn't was a good producer.

1) Ch. Sakusaku's Tom Cat-Go with Lijo's Q litter, from left, Quiet Thunder, Quickfire, Quarterback, and Quartermaster. 2) New Ch. Lijo's Quiet Thunder; 3) My what big ears you have, Thunder!

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